National Newspaper Week 2014

National Newspaper Week (NNW) is October 5-11, 2014. This marks the 74th year of the Week, which observes the importance of newspapers to communities large and small.  This year’s kit contains editorials, editorial cartoons, promotional ads and more that are available for download at no charge to newspapers across North America.

The theme of this year’s NNW is: “Newspapers: The Foundation of Vibrant Communities.”

NEWSPAPERS:  PLEASE PROMOTE National Newspaper Week heavily by downloading these materials and devoting as many column inches as possible to reinforce the importance of newspapers to our local communities.  PLEASE ALSO EDITORIALIZE LOCALLY about how your newspaper is important and relevant to your community.  This can be about your government watchdog role, investigative journalism, providing timely public notices, etc.

Following NNW, these materials will remain on the website and can be accessed by newspapers for use throughout the year since our message is timeless.

If you have questions or concerns about National Newspaper Week, or difficulty accessing any of the materials on this site, please contact Lisa Hills at the Minnesota Newspaper Association at (612) 278-0222 or via email

THANK YOU for your help in promoting National Newspaper Week 2014!

Sincerely,Greg Sherrill, NAM President
Lisa Hills, NNW Chair

 2014 NNW Logo & Ads

National Newspaper Week Logo

NNW Quarter Page Ad (Color – US Version)

NNW Quarter Page Ad (Color – Canadian Version)

 2014 Editorial Cartoons

Dave Granlund (BW) – “Still Bringing Communities Together”

Dave Granlund (BW) – “Surviving Extinction”

Wayne Stroot (BW) 

Charlie Daniel (Color)*

John Darkow (BW)*

*From 2013 but still timely.

 2014 Columns & Editorials

Keith Anderson Op Ed

Keith Anderson Photo

Pete Mohs Op Ed

Pete Mohs Photo

Robert Williams Op Ed

Robert Williams Photo

Audio/Photos of Robert Williams Op Ed

 International Newspaper Carrier Day

Resources for International Newspaper Carrier Day from NAA

The Newspaper Association of America and the newspaper industry have designated Saturday, October 11, 2014, as International Newspaper Carrier Day, a salute to the hundreds of thousands of newspaper carriers who deliver to 133 million print readers every week.

 2013 Crossword Puzzle

 National Newspaper Week Crossword Puzzle

Answers to NNW Crossword Puzzle